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Commercial properties and real estate sale

Commercial Practioners of RE/MAX are well equipped to provide you professional and viable solutions for sale of any type of commercial property, be it a small office, an office complex, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, malls, industrial parks, multifamily, hospitals, medical centres etc.

RE/MAX Commercial Practioners with their expertise will help you identify the right buyer, provide you the latest market trends, advise you on the commercial terms and negotiate the a sensible deals in your favour, guiding you in the entire process.
— Commercial Property & Real Estate in Phoenix – RE/MAX has a significant presence in the commercial real estate and property market in Phoenix. Our agents help you successfully negotiate commercial property buy/sell decisions in virtually any area of Phoenix. We negotiate the best deals for you in Phoenix

— Commercial space for rent in Phoenix – Renting a commercial property in Phoenix? RE/MAX’s. data base has all types of commercial rental properties to match your needs. Should you have any property to rent out in Phoenix RE/MAX assures you of the best deals. Right from sourcing prospective clients to negotiating, finalizing and completing the documentation process RE/MAX does it all.

— Commercial property for lease – RE/MAX helps you in all aspects of leasing a commercial property. It begins with identifying your leasing needs, short list the best options matching your needs. RE/MAX helps you in inspection of the proposed lease property and obtains the preliminary information/documentation and offers professional advice in negotiating and finalizing the lease. RE/MAX’s then helps you complete the documentation process.

— Office buildings for sale – No matter what size or Office building you intend to sell RE/MAX understands your needs and ensures smooth completion of your deal. We will help you estimate the value of your office building and target the appropriate buyer. Factors such as potential business it can generate, the expenses involved and a general overview of the local market, financial terms and legal process guidance helps you cement a profitable deal.

RE/MAX the perfect destination to all your commercial property dealings be it in Phoenix or anywhere in the world.

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