RE/MAX Commercial Brokers is a recognized world leader in the real estate business. Its presence spans every major country of the globe. Operating in 85 countries with a vast network of owned and franchise offices, RE/MAX has attained leadership position in the reality business. A strong and committed force of over 90000 agents fuels our growth and serves our customers worldwide.Multiple divisions and offices for you to reach RE/MAX Commercial Brokers in each of the 85 countries that we operate make it convenient for you to access us. The nearly 3000 strong RE/MAX Commercial Practioners add to your ease of doing business with us.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers has a highly skilled and well-informed workforce. It gives an edge to RE/MAX’s operations thereby building trust and loyalty. Some of the Commercial Practioners have headed prestigious institutions like the CCIM. Infact RE/MAX has the second largest pool of designees in CCIM and the largest designees in CCIM Canada. They are usually in the experts’ panel in major national debates or in policy making panels relating to real estate business.

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For more information about RE/MAX Commercial opportunities, call the Commercial Division at 602-346-1031. You also may complete the Contact Form and press “Submit.”

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers’ trained and highly productive workforce gives you the edge no matter what your commercial or investment decision is. It provides you an unmatched experience. Our track record speaks for itself.A dedicated body – The RE/MAX Commercial Advisory Council gives focus and direction to its commercial operations.

Professional approach and customer centric focus has helped our customers build a lasting trust with us over the years. We value your business needs no matter what its size is. Every customer and his need are important to us.

Experience gained through the years through exposure and training results in professionalism in all that we do. This has helped us grow in size and reach with every passing year.Over 40 years of existence has enabled us to grow into an organization with strong foundation guided by unmatched knowledge and resources culminating in revenues in excess of $8 billion.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers – Building trust and legacy.